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In order to make application for membership to CARS, please download the PDF form under the "Membership Aplication" section of the main menu. Fill the form out, sign the form, then attend one of our club meetings and present the form to a club officer. Your application will be read and then voted upon by the general membership at the next regular business meeting of the Club. If you wish to mail your application in, you may do so to our general club address at "Cocoa Amateur Radio Society, 1150 West King Street, Cocoa, Florida 32922".

If you are accepted for membership, your membership rights will vest at the time of payment of your dues. Please note your check or payment for dues will be held (if submitted in advance) until your application is approved by the general membership at a regular business meeting. ARRL membership is not required to join CARS, but is strongly encouraged!

Membership fees are $10.00 annual dues from January to June 30, then $5.00 from July 1 to November 30. December members will pay January full dues of $10.00 for the coming year. Family memberships are $5.00 each per additional member (spouses and children). CARS does welcome parties interested in volunteer emergency communications as members with no radio license required to be held. Also, individuals licensed in GMRS are more then welcome to attend our meetings and to apply for membership.

The Brevard County background check form found on the main menu of the site is OPTIONAL and may be filled out & submitted if the prospective member wishes to serve as a communicator in a Special Needs evacuation shelter run by Brevard County or in a American Red Cross general population evacuation shelter. You can fill out & submit the background form at the same time you submit membership application, and the club will submit the form for your background check. You will also receive ARES badging as credentialing for access to the shelters. There is no cost for ARES membership or to take the background check. Again, this is entirely the decision of the member and is NOT required for membership in CARS.


NOTE - If you take & pass your amateur radio license exam through CARS & it's affiliated VE testers, you will automatically receive a FREE one-year membership in CARS as a new amateur licensee upon submitting application to the club. To receive more information on how to sign up for amateur radio classes and testing, please EMAIL us!


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Our 2015 Club Officers - Present your application to any of the following:


Vice Pres.



Web Master


Archie Shetler

Archie Shetler

Ricky DeLuco

Harry Shetler

Steve Luchuk

Ray Kassis








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